Ultimate Dermaplane Kit


The kit contains 4 products; Professional sizes are available on this website.

50ml Foaming Cleanser (OFFER 200 ml)
15 ml Super Balm (OFFER 50 ml)
50ml Enzyme Peeling Mask
10ml Super Serum


This kit is not intended to replace professional training.

1.Ultimate Dermaplane foaming Cleanser 50ml . OFFER LARGE 200 ML

SLS free gentle cleansing foam with Pure-Phen to reduce outbreaks and ingrown hair lesions.

2.Ultimate-Results Super-Balm 15ml . OFFER LARGE 50 ML

Apply to glide Dermablade as instructed by your trainer.

3. Ultimate Results Enzyme Peeling Mask 50ml .

This mask provides a deeper exfoliation with papaya enzyme to soften and detach dead cells,  Softisan 649 to moisturise and hyaluronic acid to plump the fresh skin

4. Ultimate Dermaplane Super-Serum 10ml.

Apply a couple of drops with the pipette to finger tips and apply to treated area.

Anti-ageing, Pollution defence and Prevent Ingrown hairs and lesions

All our products are vegan and made with kindness.

We use nut oils (sweet almond and coconut) in some of our products.


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