Ultimate Dermaplane Super Serum 50ml

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This beautiful super serum is a cocktail of gorgeous ingredients that protects delicate skin after Dermaplaning. It is perfect for daily skin maintenance to promote youthful, balanced, bright skin and to protect skin against the elements.

Every ingredient has been carefully selected to nurture your skin and is never tested on animals – All our products are vegan friendly.

We now use a white pipette which is more eco Friendly. We are always striving for improvements to protect our planet.


Benefits to you

It is perfect for daily skin maintenance to promote a more youthful complexion.
Brighter more radiant skin.
This beautiful Super Serum is a cocktail of gorgeous ingredients that protects delicate skin from breakouts and ingrown hair after Dermaplaning.
Vegan and rich in antioxidants and valuable skin nutrients.
Provides protection against environmental stressors like excessive sun exposure, extreme heat or cold, and pollution
What does this product do:-

This daily facial super serum instantly replenishes moisture and thoroughly hydrates the skin, giving a healthy, all-round radiant complexion.
Infused with precious oils including evening primrose to give new life to your skin, excellent for anyone looking to help soothe skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and eczema.
Lightweight and easily absorbed, non-sticky finish.
Hero Ingredients:-

Pure-Phen – It is entirely natural, made from ginger root & grape extract and frankincense resin. Pure-Phen is clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of acne related skin lesions.

Bakuchiol – Is the first natural alternative to retinol, it improves skin tone, elasticity, firmness, radiance and brightness

Jojoba Oil -This luxuriously soft, liquid wax which is rich in vitamin B and E works to deeply hydrate and restore skin’s natural PH.

Calendula – This is the finest oil known to reduce redness and inflammation with the benefits of vitamin C, D & E to promote youthful bright skin.

Directions for use:-

Apply 1-2 drops fingertips at the end of Dermaplane treatments.

Apply 1-2 drops onto face and neck and gently massage into skin every morning and evening before applying a cream. Avoid eye area.

Tip :- Add a few drops of Ultimate Dermaplane Super Serum to your moisturiser for extra hydration and ultimate protection from the elements.

8 reviews for Ultimate Dermaplane Super Serum 50ml

  1. Aaliyah Mannix-Hall

    Smells amazing

  2. Kathryn Randle

    Perfect serum to seal treated skin and avoid breakouts

  3. Abi Gamero

    I would give this product 10 stars if I could!

  4. Rashid Kaeke

    Definite 5 stars

  5. Saffron Coe


  6. Shannon Fisher

    Love it !

  7. Free From skincare judge

    The instructions were easy to follow and the serum was very easy to use. the bottle is a good size and the oil is lightweight so a little goes a long way.
    This serum has a slight warming property when worked into he skin and the fragrance makes you feel like you are in a spa. It was nice and easy to work into the skinned I wore it overnight to give it time to fully soak in and hydrate my face. My skin felt SO smooth the next day.
    I could it was nice to wear going to bed and was soothing and i think it was was of the better oils to soak in.
    I carried out a daytime trial too. i mixed it with my moisturiser, this didn’t make me feel oily in the slightest.I carried out a trial to see how this would work with my makeup. It worked really well, and it didn’t cause my makeup to smudge

  8. Kerry Hilton

    i have the super serum and that’s amazing sooo i have been thinking to try some other things, thank you so much.

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