Ultimate Brow Bubbles 200ml


This is a must for all Henna Brow Treatments,  a cleanse with Ultimate Henna Brow Bubbles removes traces of make-up and excess oil on the brow area so provides a better base for smooth coverage and colour retention.

Ultimate Henna Brow Bubbles is rich in terpenes provided by the cajuput and is used widely in India as a natural Henna colour developer.


Our 200ml bottle will last for approximately 120 Henna Brow treatments so is a must purchase and suitable for use with ALL Henna Brow systems – we promise !!


Ultimate Henna Brow bubbles is SLS free so will not sting or damage the eyes is accidentally spilt into the eye – just rinse with cool water and pat dry

Pure-Phen is a purifying, soothing, conditioning natural and preservative free active ingredient able to help the skin  go back to healthy conditions with a mild but effective treatment, being more tolerable compared to synthetic ingredients.

Pure-Phen is not altering the physiological condition of the skin, helping it in re- balancing the microbiota, reducing imperfections, redness and unpleasant sensations related to acne and dandruff. It has been clinically proven to reduce ingrown hair lesions and infection.

Terpenes in the cajuput will prepare the skin for henna and has been used for 1000’s of years to help develop colour.


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