Ultimate Results Respect Henna Developer 50ml

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Forget your ‘mineral water’ and use a proper developer with age-old ingredients and a touch of science.

Ultimate henna Brow respect henna developer is the Henna Brow developer with Colorhold – the leading ingredient to provide longevity of colour in hair.

Once you have tried this you will ditch the ‘tap water’ been sold on the market. We wanted to increase the standards in the henna market and reviewed current trends of using ‘mineral water’ and could not believe the different our product makes



Terpenes certainly improve the colour and duration of henna, some more than others – we found that the natural terpineol found in cajuput improved the colour vibrancy in our trials and the natives of India who invented Henna as a skin and hair colourant agree with us.


Natural Terpineol has been applied to Henna for 1000’s of years deepen the colour of the henna

Colourhold with special amino acids and peptides in penetrate the hair fibre during and after dyeing, trapping the pigments inside the cortex proven to prolong colour.

Henna Brows including ‘HD henna powers colour will be enhanced and last longer with this developer rather than mineral water currently being sold as a developer.

1 review for Ultimate Results Respect Henna Developer 50ml

  1. Dan

    Bought this for my girlfriend, she loves it, will definitely be ordering more!

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